Resilient Roots: Art, Culture, and Decolonizing Heritage in Urban Palestine

In the urban landscape of Palestine, both tangible and intangible heritage stand not as relics of the past, but as living testaments to the ongoing struggle for liberation. This presentation delves into how art and cultural activism serve as crucial pathways for reclaiming heritage spaces and memories in historic Palestinian cities, offering avenues for envisioning alternative futures. By examining collaborative Palestinian artistic and cultural projects in Haifa, alongside the Israeli authorities’ violent crackdown on Palestinian creatives, this study underscores the enduring battle to reclaim suppressed Palestinian history and heritage in the fight for decolonization. The presentation aims to illuminate the intricate interplay between memory, history, resistance, and urban heritage in the Palestinian context, providing insights into the role of art and culture in shaping the discourse on decolonial heritage and fostering social and political change.