This Is not a River

Screening of two films by Center for Spatial Justice, followed by a conversation with Merve Bedir
These two short investigative documentary films from 2021 and 2022 depict the current and potential limit(lessness) of environmental destruction in Marmara region. Uncontrolled industrialisation and financialization of the landscape lead to a dead watershed in the case of Ergene river, and an excavation dream in the case of Canal Istanbul.
The screening of the films will be followed by a conversation with Merve Bedir, who has worked on Maritsa river from a regional perspective in Plovdiv (2014). Center for Spatial Justice (MAD) conducts transdisciplinary studies on the development of more equitable, ecological and democratic processes/practices in urban and rural spaces. MAD aims to produce, collect and share innovative, qualified and public knowledge on space.